How to Fix the Audi R8’s audio filter

Bleacher report has reported that Audi is currently in the process of upgrading its sound-isolating system, which is located in the rear of the R8, and it looks like Audi is doing it with the aid of a few new microphones.

This article has been updated to include more details about the upgrade.

Audi’s sound-capturing technology was developed by German company DTS, which was acquired by the Audi brand in 2018.

According to the article, Audi has already received about 100 microphones and is working on upgrading it to 100,000.

It will be up to the company to upgrade the entire system to 100 percent sound.

In 2018, Audi added a number of new features to its audio system, including a new sound-balancing feature called “Audio Sustain,” which improves the sound of certain tracks by changing the volume and frequency.

This system was also the subject of a recent feature in this week’s issue of Drive, which described how Audi had integrated audio filters into the interior of some of its vehicles.

The company is now working on a similar feature for its sound system, but it’s not clear if it will include this feature in the R7, which debuted at the 2018 Frankfurt Motor Show.

In the article on Audi’s audio system upgrade, a company spokesperson explained that Audi had been working on an upgrade for the R9 that was designed to provide an improvement in sound quality in a variety of audio settings.

“Audio sound is always critical for us,” the spokesperson said.

“As soon as we saw the performance of the new R9, we decided to make the upgrade.”

In a video that was released by Audi in 2017, the spokesperson added that Audi’s new sound system was built to support various audio input devices, including headphones, portable speakers, and digital recorders.

“We are working on more sound improvements, which will come in the future,” the representative said.

Audi has not yet revealed any additional details about this upgrade, but we can be sure that the company will be pushing the audio system even further with the R10, which arrives in 2019.

The 2018 Audi R9 The Audi R10 is Audi’s second and final model introduced in 2018, and the R18, which we reviewed in 2018 (and which has been available in various colors and trim levels since then), was Audi’s last model to have the company’s new Audio Sustain sound-staging technology integrated into the car’s sound system.

Audi had already been working with DTS to develop sound-matching technology for the company, but Audi’s work on this new system was first revealed in the 2017 Audi R7 video.

Audi did not announce any further details about how the new system would work in 2018 or 2019, but the company is expected to announce more details later this year.

Audi hasn’t disclosed when Audi will introduce a new model in 2019, although it may launch the R90 later this decade.

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