When you’re a sound engineer, you need to earn enough to keep your career alive

A new report shows that the salaries of some chemical engineers are significantly higher than what the average person makes.

In fact, some engineers have earned as much as $200,000 more than the average worker.

In fact, the average salary for chemical engineers is $202,600, the report by the Center for Research on Labor and Employment at the University of California, Berkeley, found.

That compares to an average salary of $61,100 for the general public.

But some of the top earners are among the most expensive in the country, with the average salaries of those earning $197,200 or more topping $200 million.

The top earners in the chemical engineering profession have a median income of $207,400, according to the report.

That is a big jump from the $62,900 median salary for all workers, or just below the national median.

The average salary in the engineering field has increased over the past decade, according the report, which found that the average pay increase was 6 percent, and was most pronounced in engineering disciplines.

For those who work in the field of biomedical engineering, the median salary rose by 8 percent to $212,200.

That was the highest of any discipline.

Other fields, however, experienced smaller wage increases.

For example, the value of an engineer’s education increased by 8.4 percent over the decade.

The report also found that, among the highest earners in chemical engineering, engineers earned a median of $1,800 per hour.

That is more than a full-time salary for an engineering professor, or a full time salary for a chemical engineer.

It was the largest salary increase among those earning more than $200.

For those earning between $200 and $500, the salary increased by just 1.2 percent.

The researchers said that this wage increase was due in part to the increase in the number of chemicals being produced and refined, as well as the cost of training, maintenance, and repairs of those products.

But it also could be due to more competition in the market, as companies are increasingly turning to software and data analytics.

“As the market for chemical engineering grows, the supply of jobs for chemical chemists grows, too,” the report states.

“If the market continues to grow and jobs for chemists are added, this will have a substantial impact on the wages and the purchasing power of chemical chemist salaries.”

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