How the world’s largest container ship became the world´s fastest ship

The world’s biggest container ship, the MV-21, has made history.

The ship, which has a gross tonnage of more than 13,000 tons, has sailed from Shanghai to Hong Kong, and is now heading for the US, with a maiden voyage in the coming weeks.

This week the ship will leave Hong Kong and sail from Shanghai, and by early next year will enter the United States, carrying about 500,000 tonnes of cargo.

It is the largest freighter in the world, and the first ship to be built by the US company, Alstom.

But it is not the only one.

The US and China have long been interested in developing shipping networks in the South China Sea, and China has been building out its own coastguard and air defence systems.

The MV-22, which will be the second ship built by Alstam in the region, is the fastest container ship ever built.

Alstams first ship, called the MV AgustaWestland, was launched in 1985, and was a world-record breaking vessel that took almost 30 years to build.

The company now has more than 100 vessels, including the MV Atlantic, and plans to build more.

The main difference between the MV 21 and the MV 19 is that the MV21 has an engine built in-house, while the MV19 has a joint venture company built in the UK.

The vessel is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PW1230, which is also the world leader in jet engines, and produces about 8,000 horsepower, according to Alstoms website.

It has a crew of approximately 3,000, and can accommodate some 10,000 passengers.

Althams says that its ships can carry up to 9,000 people, and that it can carry as much as 4,000 containers.

“The MV-19 has been a record breaker,” said Alstamas founder and CEO David Smith.

“And this is the first time the MV is going to be going into service, as it has a capacity of around 12,000.”

Alstamo has also built a ship that is faster than the MV 11, the world-leading freighter that went into service in 2016.

The ships capacity is about 6,000t, according Alstamer.

That vessel, the Lusitania, is also a record-breaking vessel.

But unlike the MV 17, the vessel is not entirely new.

Alstroemas vessels have been in service for 20 years.

Alstra’s previous ship was the MV Maersk Tigris, which was built in 1994.

The current ship, currently in service, is expected to be completed in 2018.

Alastom has also been building ships for the Indian Navy, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan and many other countries.

It now has ships in the Indian Ocean, the Indian sub-continent, and a few other locations.

Al Stams ships are often seen at sea.

AlStams’ flagship is called the Suez.

It was commissioned in 2006, and will be in service until 2019.

Alstrom’s sister ship, Al Stamme, is in service now.

It began in 1996 and is currently in the Pacific Ocean.

It can carry some 40,000 metric tons of cargo, and it can hold more than 20,000 crew members.

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