How to find the best fuel economy for your SUV

By now, you’ve probably heard of the popularity of fuel economy claims.

But how does the best gas mileage stack up against other vehicle models?

Here are a few important questions to ask when deciding how to choose the best vehicle to drive.

What is the best engine?

When is the fuel economy most important?

And what makes an engine “good” at what it does?

Let’s start with the engine.

For years, the best engines have been engines that produce a maximum of about 15.5mpg (mpg is the number the Environmental Protection Agency uses to indicate a car’s emissions level).

In order to have an engine that achieves this maximum, it needs to be able to run at a certain level of performance.

For a diesel, for example, that means it needs a maximum torque of 3,000lbs-ft (1,000Nm-lb) and can produce the maximum amount of energy in a given amount of time.

For an engine with an efficiency of over 70 percent, it has to have a maximum power output of 4,000hp (3,000lb-ft).

The best diesel engines are also capable of handling higher fuel prices.

For more than two decades, diesel engines have also dominated the vehicle market.

The average diesel fuel economy is around 40mpg and up.

That means that for every 10 miles driven, an average diesel vehicle will get an average of 16mpg.

The difference between that average and the best performance rating is called the fuel efficiency rating (FEV).

The fuel efficiency ratings are calculated based on a number of factors, including vehicle weight, engine type, and the amount of fuel being used.

The best fuel efficiency is typically calculated based solely on the engine’s efficiency, which is a function of both the engine type and the fuel it’s used in.

For example, a 5.6L turbocharged engine with a maximum efficiency of 25mpg could produce more fuel than a diesel with an average efficiency of 17mpg, meaning the fuel efficient rating would be 25.5% greater than the average.

But how do fuel economy ratings work?

The EPA uses a formula to calculate the fuel efficiencies.

The formula takes into account both the vehicle weight and engine type.

This allows the EPA to calculate fuel efficiency, or fuel economy, with the best of both worlds.

Fuel efficiency for a diesel engine with fuel capacity of 40 gallons (113 liters) or less is calculated using the formula below.

If the fuel capacity is greater than 40 gallons, the formula is 50 percent higher.

The lower the fuel-efficiency rating, the better.

The EPA also uses the vehicle speed rating to calculate engine efficiency.

The vehicle speed ratings, which are also called speed rating, are a function that factors in fuel economy to calculate vehicle speed.

The formula is simple.

First, a vehicle’s fuel economy rating is calculated based off of the vehicle’s speed rating.

The higher the vehicle rating, or speed rating is, the greater the vehicle efficiency rating.

If a vehicle has a fuel economy of 60 mph (91 km/h) or more, its fuel efficiency would be 60% higher than a vehicle with a fuel efficiency of 10 mph (6.5 km/hour).

This is because the vehicle will be moving faster when its fuel economy drops to 30 mph (19 km/hr).

Finally, the EPA determines the average fuel economy by subtracting a vehicle speed and an engine efficiency rating from the vehicle.

This calculation takes into consideration the vehicle size, engine size, and overall fuel economy.

The EPA has not released fuel economy figures for light trucks or pickups.

The best fuel mileage for a pickup is calculated by subtractting the fuel mileage of a vehicle from its fuel rating.

In order for the fuel rating to be the same for two trucks, each vehicle’s rating must be equal.

The larger the vehicle, the more fuel it will use and therefore the lower the rating.

So, the lower a pickup’s fuel rating, that’s the better it will perform.

The good news is that you don’t need to buy a pickup to drive well.

You can still enjoy fuel economy that is a fraction of the average of the vehicles that are on the road.

As long as you are careful with your driving, the fuel and efficiency ratings will help you achieve your goals.

If you are considering buying a new vehicle, take a look at the fuel ratings that are currently on sale.

For some of these, you can expect to pay up to $4,000 for the best rated fuel economy and $4 and $6,000 respectively for the worst rated.

These ratings are often based on vehicle specifications and include the use of both turbocharged and diesel engines.

The fuel economy offered by these vehicles can be quite different from the fuel the average driver will be using.

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