Why Rosie Revere Shouldn’t Be Fired as CEO

A year ago, the founder of the online clothing retailer Rosie’s Revere was forced to resign as CEO, after her board refused to grant her the necessary approvals to continue running her company.

In response, she wrote a lengthy and emotional letter, telling her board she would be willing to step down if they agreed to a transition period.

In a letter released today, Rosie explained why she felt that the board was unwilling to consider her offer and said she was leaving because of “personal reasons.” 

She also wrote that the Board had repeatedly told her to “just go home and die.” 

“This was not the time for me to be in the public eye.

I did not want to be a public face for the company.

I was sick of the negative attention that was being paid to me and to my family and friends by those who were paid to do so,” she wrote.

“As CEO, I felt the need to protect the reputation of the company and the people who work there and to make sure they were safe.” 

The resignation letter, which was signed by Rosie and shared with Fortune, was part of a lengthy, personal interview that the company conducted with her, as well as an interview with Fortune reporter Sarah Siegel.

Rosie, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, told Siegel that the interview was a “very personal” one, and that she was “very upset and upset” that the public was focusing on the allegations against her.

“The public has seen that there are allegations, and they’re making up stuff, and I just think that it’s not appropriate for me as CEO to be involved in that,” she said. 

The board, which has been considering her offer for the past two months, will now review her offer to make the transition, according to the letter.

Rosies letter does not specify what she believes the board should do to ensure that the transition period will be successful.

“We’ve decided to take this step, because I do not feel it is in the best interests of our company or our shareholders,” she continued.

“I’m very upset that the people in charge of our companies are doing this.

I am tired of this.” 

Following the resignation of her board member, Rosies CEO, the board will meet to decide whether or not to take further action against her, according a company spokesperson.

The company declined to comment further on the board meeting. 

Rosie, whose real name is Rosanne Deane, was born and raised in San Diego.

She received her engineering degree from the University of California, Davis and earned a master’s degree in business administration from the California State University, Sacramento.

Rosi has been an active entrepreneur since the early 2000s, according the company’s website.

In 2015, Rosi and her husband founded Rosie-O-Matic, which caters to customers looking for personalized clothing for weddings, graduations, and other events. 

According to the company website, Rosis work has included: Rosie is the founder and CEO of RosieO-O, the world’s largest online fashion marketplace for the bride and groom industry.

Rosanne founded the first online boutique in 2012.

She also founded the fashion brand Rosie Deans, which she also founded in 2014.

The brand was acquired by BHLDN in 2018. 

In a 2015 interview with Siegel, Rosique Deans said she wanted to “make a difference in people’s lives,” and was passionate about helping people find their true selves. 

“I believe in the power of self-acceptance, and the power that comes from being who you truly are.

I think it’s something that has been so much of my life,” she told Sauer.

“It’s the way that I’ve been raised, it’s the very definition of who I am, and it’s a gift.

I’m so proud of the things that I did to help others and it just made me want to do more.” 

Rosenberg’s letter does acknowledge that there is a perception that “it would be better if she were to resign,” but it also calls out the board for not taking action to address the issue.

“You have failed to meet with me and have not made me feel like I can speak to you directly about your decisions, or you have failed in your responsibility to act on your responsibility as CEO,” the letter reads.

“Your inaction has been inexcusable, and is deeply disappointing.” 

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