How a new design for the floors of Delhi’s new Metro trains could shake up the city

The new metro trains in Delhi are going to have a new look.

A design team from the Indian Railways (IND) has come up with an innovative way to keep the trains clean and modern while still making them feel like a modern-day railway station.

The design, developed by the Railways, will be showcased in a press conference on Friday.

The new designs will be shown in the train hall in the National Capital Region.

The first of these trains, a prototype, is being made up of two floors and has a total of 1,200 seats.

The next train will have a total capacity of 1.25 million seats and will be ready by the end of next year.

The press conference will be held at the Railway Museum of Delhi, a museum in the heart of the city, from 10 am to 1 pm.

“The Metro is a railway.

We will change it, but it will be a different Metro.

The Metro will be more modern and modern.

The station will be cleaner and modern,” said Anuj Bhattacharya, an engineer with the Railway.

Bhatticharya, who was the chief architect of the Metro project, said that this design would be similar to the trains in other cities like New York, London, Paris and Milan.

The trains in the Mumbai Metro, the first of the new Metro, have a similar layout and are still being built.

“We have two floors.

We are looking at using them as stations and also as storage rooms,” Bhattocharya said.

The Delhi Metro has been in the works for over a decade and has been a huge success for the Indian railway.

It has become the second busiest metro system in the world after London’s.

The metro was inaugurated in December 2020 and will connect to the Delhi Metro Railways from May 2020.

The train was supposed to be completed by 2023 but now there are plans for it to be finished in 2025.

The Mumbai Metro is in the process of completing the Delhi metro and the Delhi government has started working on its new line.

A new metro line has been planned to connect Mumbai to Delhi, and has also been a major focus of the Indian government’s development programme.

The Maharashtra State Urban Development Corporation has been setting up a new metro station in Mumbai that will have 3,000 seats.

Another Metro station in Hyderabad is also being built, with a capacity of 2,200.

India is already seeing an uptick in rail projects and the government is keen to see more projects completed in the country.

I hope it will change how we think about the metro.”

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